Change of Heart


Everyday we experience change in our lives but it takes us weeks or even months to realize that someone or something has changed already. Experience influences us of how we’ll change. If we experienced hardships in life we will change to be a stronger person but if we’ll experience despair in life we will change to imitate the person who brought despair in our lives.

I used to have this friend that I’m very close to. I simply loved everything about her until the moment that she changed. She simply turned into a b***h and a selfish person. Maybe she changed because she had enough of people using her. At some point in my life I really felt guilty because I know that somehow I’m a part of the reason why she changed. She’s still the talkative person that I know but now it’s different, she just says everything that she wants without even thinking if she’s going to offend someone. She also became a very possessive person that somehow led her to claim things that are not hers in the first place.

I really regret hurting her, using her. If only I can just go back in time and be with her always. Maybe she’ll be a fine woman right now. A gentle woman I used to know. A person who just laughs at her problems or simply smiles at them. I really miss that person.

I just realized that feelings should not be left unexpressed for at the end we’ll be the one who’ll regret it for the person that we used to know is very different from the person that they are right now. We all know that change is constant, that we can’t stop people from changing. But I shouldn’t have left her like that. I could have helped her change for the best, not for the worst.

Changes can either build-up or destroy our lives. It is also a choice if you’re going to change or not. So if you’ll change for the worse then it’s your fault. You should not blame others for you turning into a so-called monster. Whether a monster or not there is always enough time for us to change. It doesn’t matter how long it takes but what matters the most is that we should change for the better. To change for the sake of our own happiness.

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