Feeling of Worthlessness


Every man’s dream is to find a perfect girl that will complete his own identity. A girl that will support you in everything that you do. A girl that will make you feel that you are the only one in this world that she will hold on to. A perfect girl that will give you a reason to live.

But why is it that the girl is always the one who’s perfect? The one who’s intelligent, the one who’s talented and the one who’s better than me in all aspects. You’re the one who’s popular and I’m proud of you for that.

But wait a minute, you’re the one who has all the good things in this world. But what about me? I don’t even have a thing to be proud of. I’m a failure and I feel so worthless. And I’m even ashamed for liking you. Who am I to like you? From the very beginning I’m a sore loser and you are always on the peak.

When can I have my own achievements to be proud of? When that day comes will you also be proud of me? Will you be there to see me do these things that makes me happy? Will you be there by my side and say a simple “congratulations”? Maybe if that day comes that will be my greatest achievement.

If I just had faith in myself that I can do anything that I want. Maybe everything will go differently. Maybe I can be the guy that she wishes for, the guy that she is waiting for. But I know that the past is already the past and I can’t do anything to change any of it. All I can do now is to compensate for all the things that I did and prove to everyone, especially to her, that I can be the man of her dreams.

Every man has worth in this world. Sometimes it may be barely unnoticeable but if you’ll search deep inside you, you can see that you are worth something. That you can still make a difference no matter how small it may be. That you can still change to shape your future and to prove to yourself that you are not worthless.

Until then, I’ll wait for that one day that I can say to myself that “I’m worthy enough to have you”.

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