Overcoming Fears


A promise is meant to be broken. To be left being a promise. But for you being my friend I will fulfill that promise of mine. That promise that I will never fall for a girl that gives inspiration to any of my friends.

Every time I see her I can’t help myself but to fall in love with her day by day. Being with her each day makes me feel like I’m living in paradise. I really like her but I really feel guilty for liking her. Of all the girls why her? The one that my friend likes. I’m feeling uneasy for hiding my feelings and at the same time guilty for not telling my friend.

Until that very day when my friend moved on and found another girl that gave his life direction. Of course I’m very happy for I can already love her without any guilt and hesitations. I started to know her better and that makes me fall in love with her more. I also started to believe that all things will go smoothly without any flaws or mistakes.

It’s already been 5 months since I started liking her without me thinking of my friend. Until I heard rumors that this friend of mine started to like my love interest again. I didn’t believe at first until he said to me in person that he still likes this crush of mine. My whole world fell with one single blow. My whole life was engulfed in darkness. I started to think of how can I stand a fight against him? He’s better than me in all aspects.

Being depressed will not do any good to me. Sitting there at the corner talking and convincing myself that I can’t do it. That I can’t win against him no matter what I do. Hiding my sadness in front of my family adds more to the pain that I am carrying. I don’t have someone to tell my problems to make me feel better because I’m kind of secretive about my problems. Listening to my favorite songs made me feel better though.

It took me days to process everything and said to myself “so what if he’s my friend?”. I fulfilled my promise but he’s the one who gave me the opportunity to like her. Even though I know that I can’t stand a fight against him, I will still fight for her until the very end for the sake of my love for her.

Giving up is not an option…

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