The Puzzle of Life


Ever since I came to existence and learned how to understand life I began to wonder where I came from and what my purpose in life is. So it began, living in this complicated world can cause many complications in life. You will first experience hardships before you’ll truly understand how important a thing or a person is to you. You’ll first experience failure before knowing what victory truly is. You’ll be hurt before knowing what true love is. We’re all mere humans and we commit mistakes. Our flaws can be our weaknesses but we can change it for we are the authors of our own lives. We create our own paths, our own stories and our own decisions in this tricky life. We may be lost in our own paths but we can be on the right track if only we will pursue for it.

Comparing ourselves to the universe we are just but a small dot that is wandering around this world. We may be a small dot but all big things came from smaller ones. It needs people to build a society, atoms to form a compound, dots to create a line and cells to form an organism. We as individuals can cause a great change to all. If we can only change our habits in our own simple ways we can save this world from grave threat and danger. We as individuals uniting together can make all of the impossible things happen. If we only help each other we can do everything. We can be invincible. Each one of us is a piece of puzzle needed to complete a scenario in each one’s life. We all share one puzzle that we need to complete for us to find our own purpose in life. We’re all linked together for we came from one common ancestry and we are all created to be the stewards of God’s creations.

I am part of the universe, a citizen of the world and every corner of the Earth is my home. It’s up to me if I’ll absorb the knowledge given to me. I learn from my own mistakes and will pursue to acquire more knowledge.

I am committed to the pursuit of excellence to help each other’s puzzle to be completed. Like the Yin and Yang there is always a piece of darkness in light and vice versa. We should not fail to seek for the light that life is giving us. We should follow our own tracks to make our lives free from destruction.

I see myself as creative inventive and innovative. Trying to make this world a better place to live in. No matter how small my simple acts may be. It still can make a huge difference.

I embody the scientific spirit and equally imbued with the humanist values. I don’t need to be a great scientist for me to prove myself. My own self is enough to prove my worth in this universe. I don’t need to be like any other great people in history for I can make my own history in my own methods.

As a human being it is my duty to protect this universe of ours and to defend the well-being of each other. And I am ready to face the consequences if I fail to do my duty as a steward of God.

I finally envision myself to make a great difference to my fellow humans. No matter how simple my life can be I can still influence the society for I am a part of this world, of this universe and this of puzzle. Everyone can make a difference no matter how small a difference may be.

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