Top Ten Video Games of My Childhood


Having a top ten nowadays is too mainstream so why not make one? I’m a gamer since I was a child so here I give you my top ten videogames of my childhood. Here they are..




10.) Bomber Man

This game was about blowing up stuffs and opponents by using bombs. You should also be very careful for you can also blow-up yourself. I was still young when I first played this game but I really find it very entertaining. You plant your bombs and run to a safe place. When I’m angry at someone I just play this and blow-up stuffs as much as I want.


9.) Contra

In this game I learned how to have fast reflexes. For you need to dodge bullets that’s going to hit you. You can also upgrade your weapons to kill enemies faster. Playing this with a friend can also build up your relationship. You will have a good time playing this game.


8.) Final Fantasy I

How I wish to be in this game. Fighting for your kingdom and saving your precious princess. You can us brute force or pure magic to defeat your opponents. You should also think carefully before making your move because one wrong move and it can affect your gameplay. You can also upgrade your weapons to easily defeat enemies. In this game I learned that teamwork is very important in finishing a task and it’s very hard to find true friends.


7.) GTA Vice City

I just realized, I was really a violent person. Killing all innocent people, waging a war against the police and destroying the entire city. I was doing all those stuffs when I’m bored or stucked up in a mission. You’ll learn in this game that power can be very destructive. It’s your own decision if you’ll follow the rules or just break all of them. You can also get happiness from killing people; you can just shoot their heads and see a fountain of blood. I really find that amusing…


6.) Super Mario Bros.

Teng-teng-teng-te-teng-teng-TENG… Trolololol. Who doesn’t know the theme song of this game?

A plumber saving his dear princess but every time it’s just a prank. Saving the princess in a castle without knowing that the princess is in another castle and it goes on and on… Being high on shrooms also started in this game..


5.) Pokemon Blue

Pokemon made up my childhood. You start with your first pokemon and fight your way through the gyms and league. While doing this you build up your relationship to your pokemon and as your experience goes up your pokemon evolves. How I wish to be a trainer so that I can battle with my friends and prove them that I am strong. I also wanted to have a pokemon as a pet. Jigglypuff would be the best pet for me back then for she is very adorable and she can make everyone fall asleep.


4.) Digimon World I

This is also a very nice game. You start of with your partner and fight all the way through bosses and build up your relationship with your partner. Your digimon evolves as you get enough experience and age. The very awesome logic in this game is that you grow meat in the farm. You can get 3 meat per day to make your digimon full. One more thing your digimon also poops here. They use toilets… Yes toilets, they even have portable ones.

I also dreamt of being a tamer so I can make the greatest digimon of all and prove to everyone that I can be the best tamer. How I wish that videogames can come into reality.


3.) Tekken 3

Fight all your way against the True Ogre and unlock other characters. I enjoy this game for it has a good animation (square-bodied people) and awesome combo moves. Random pressing of buttons is my method of winning. I always laugh at my brother for he knows the combo moves and I don’t know what I am doing… There’s also the ball fight where you need to attack the ball and still damage the opponent. Gon is my favorite character here for he is so strong and super imbalanced.


2.) Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Being a farmer to a place where you always go for vacation. You raise your own animals and nurture your plants. You can also marry a girl in the vicinity and eventually you’ll be having a son. Upgrade your tools for better farming, filling up your knapsack for better income and building up a relationship between the villagers.

In this game you’ll know the life of a farmer/miner/explorer/husband and a father. You’ll face many disasters but you’ll always find a solution to these problems. Lastly, in this game I learned how to be patient for you need to wait for days to grow your plants and animals.


1.) Cooking Mama

Who wouldn’t love this game? Cooking Mama is a cute, charming little cooking-themed game. You’ll learn how to cook in just minutes or some times even seconds. Using your master kitchen tool, the stylus, you can chop, slice and eventually cook your food. Although this game is not very challenging as cooking really is, the designing compensates for it. For you can appreciate the cuteness of the entire game. The main goal is to be better than mama and finish the dish.



So there you have  it. Everyone of us has their own preferences but for me these were the best videogames of my childhood. Comments, suggestions and all violent reactions are very much appreciated.

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