“If life’s unfair to everyone doesn’t that make life fair?” It’s just normal for life to throw you some problems. It’s up to you if you’ll be destroyed by it or you’ll destroy it.
Life is like a circle, sometimes you’re on the top but sometimes you’re on the bottom. Life isn’t all about prince and princesses, it also contains witches and nightmares.

Self-pity will not bring you to somewhere. You’ll just stay there, the same, a loser. Why would you make things bitter if you can make them better? Why making yourself sad if you can be happy? You have to fight to make yourself something.

You have to change what you think about yourself. If you think that you’re worthless, no, you’re not. A mistake will not destroy your personality, thus it will even build it up. Continue moving on with life. Forget all the bad things and start moving forward.

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