Reproductive Health Bill – Standing against the odds


Children there, children everywhere. They’re even out there freezing under the midnight moon and the coldness of the ground. They’re out there, starving, dying. Seeking the heat of their mother’s hands which they can no longer experience for they were abandoned because of poverty.


Go forth and multiply. These words are always being spread by the church all over the world. These were the words written in the Bible which says that we need to reproduce in order for our mankind to survive. These past years, the issue about RH Bill has been a very large conflict between the government and the church. In the government there are people who agrees that this bill should be legalized and others says it should not be legalized. From the start, the church is against this law because they say that it’s against the will of God and it’s a crime.


Does using a contraceptive really makes you a murderer? Some says it’s a from of abortion but, WHAT THE HELL?! How could it be a form of abortion if in the first place there’s still no life that has been formed? It’s only prevention, not murder.


These days, it’s only practical to use contraceptives for as we know, we are already overpopulated and it’s one way to solve this issue. It’s only a part of family planning. Due to overpopulation many people are living under the poverty line. How much can you take seeing a dying child in the streets? Isn’t it better if he had been born into this world in a time where everything is alright? Where he could experience the beauty of life, not its difficulties. I just don’t get why the church opposes this bill. It’s for the benefit of everyone, especially of the marginalized.

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