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Staring blankly into oblivion

Searching for a coherent reason

Slowly giving in to depression

Realizing my desperation


Counting raindrops while it is snowing

Smiling even though it is hurting

Fighting even though I am losing

Everyday my heart is dying


A world dyed in the image of you

Happiness that I want to pursue

Happiness that I want to share with you

Will I ever have the chance to be with you


Halcyon Days


Being put inside a cell
Time being monitored by an annoying bell
People were forced to quell
Everyday was a living hell

Pressure that’s taking its toll
Symbols that I can never troll
Life that wants to take a stroll
When will I ever loll

Challenges meant to assess
People are trying hard to process
For the future that they are trying to access
One day they can call it their own success



Pain brought about by depression
Pain brought about by an illusion
Pain brought about by lack of caution
Pain brought about by my decision

Pain that seeps from deep inside
Pain that I must abide
Pain that has become my guide
Pain that has been a companion by my side

Pain that has been my friend
Pain that refused to blend
Pain that has taught me to rend
Pain that I must put to an end