It’s true that life can be sometimes unjust, malevolent and a source of sadness. Well, everyone experiences those times that they thought that the world had forsaken them. That everyone around them doesn’t care about them. Being pessimistic can’t be of help in times of hardships. How can you act properly if you only think about bad outcomes? No matter how small a possibility may be, it’s still an opportunity. Who know what might happen? These problems thrown at us don’t mean to destroy our lives, it’s meant to shape up our lives. A problem free life isn’t worth living at all. It will just be a boring life without challenges. Life is a gamble and the outcomes of your actions may be unlikable sometimes. Just always remember that problems are there to make you a better and a stronger person.

Whittlin' Rich

A negative perception causes us to look at life as a source of sadness, to think of the world as unjust, to view others as malevolent. This way of thinking builds upon itself, becoming harmful, bringing misery to the thinker.

If negative perception is the cause of such misery, then in order to help others, we should try to displace their negative perception with a positive one. We cannot control life and remove the challenges that others face, we can only try to influence the way they interpret their challenges.

So life will happen: illness, injury, disablement, separation, death. But what is not necessary, is disappointment or despair. By altering perceptions, from negative to positive, misery disappears.

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“If life’s unfair to everyone doesn’t that make life fair?” It’s just normal for life to throw you some problems. It’s up to you if you’ll be destroyed by it or you’ll destroy it.
Life is like a circle, sometimes you’re on the top but sometimes you’re on the bottom. Life isn’t all about prince and princesses, it also contains witches and nightmares.

Self-pity will not bring you to somewhere. You’ll just stay there, the same, a loser. Why would you make things bitter if you can make them better? Why making yourself sad if you can be happy? You have to fight to make yourself something.

You have to change what you think about yourself. If you think that you’re worthless, no, you’re not. A mistake will not destroy your personality, thus it will even build it up. Continue moving on with life. Forget all the bad things and start moving forward.


Sometimes I also feel that I’m worthless, that I don’t have any use. It’s as if everything will be better if I didn’t exist. Staring at a blank space, thinking if there had been a moment where I appreciated my existence here. Days passed but I still can find the answer. Until I talked to my friends and said to them that I’m worthless and should be better dead. But they all said things that I’ve never heard of about me. That I’m a good friend and they thanked me for all the things I’ve done for them. That was an unforgettable day, it’s as if that that was the first time someone appreciated my existence.

Everyone has a worth and purpose that they need to seek. On the way on searching for these things, they will face their flaws that might make them lose their confidence. As everyone has his own flaws, he has also his own strengths and those strengths should be used to mark memories in people’s hearts, recognizing your worth.

Operation: Get In My Belly

I have learned a very valuable lesson today. When someone degrades and belittles me it’s not me that is worthless, unimportant, and doesn’t deserve to be loved. Their words are reflecting how they really feel about themselves which is really quite sad and I pray that one day they will be able to take a good hard look at themself and learn to fix their own soul instead of lashing out because it’s broken. It’s a very hard process and sometimes quite scary to look within and admit your broken. It took me most of my life to take that advice and look at myself, I had to hit my bottom before I finally realized it wasn’t everyone else that was the problem.  My marriage was on its last leg about 5 years ago and I had hit a wall and instead of trying to figure out how to get around this wall I just kept running…

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Reproductive Health Bill – Standing against the odds


Children there, children everywhere. They’re even out there freezing under the midnight moon and the coldness of the ground. They’re out there, starving, dying. Seeking the heat of their mother’s hands which they can no longer experience for they were abandoned because of poverty.


Go forth and multiply. These words are always being spread by the church all over the world. These were the words written in the Bible which says that we need to reproduce in order for our mankind to survive. These past years, the issue about RH Bill has been a very large conflict between the government and the church. In the government there are people who agrees that this bill should be legalized and others says it should not be legalized. From the start, the church is against this law because they say that it’s against the will of God and it’s a crime.


Does using a contraceptive really makes you a murderer? Some says it’s a from of abortion but, WHAT THE HELL?! How could it be a form of abortion if in the first place there’s still no life that has been formed? It’s only prevention, not murder.


These days, it’s only practical to use contraceptives for as we know, we are already overpopulated and it’s one way to solve this issue. It’s only a part of family planning. Due to overpopulation many people are living under the poverty line. How much can you take seeing a dying child in the streets? Isn’t it better if he had been born into this world in a time where everything is alright? Where he could experience the beauty of life, not its difficulties. I just don’t get why the church opposes this bill. It’s for the benefit of everyone, especially of the marginalized.

My World


Staring at this blank space for a moment

Makes me wonder if I can ever free myself

Free from this prison that hides inside me

Free from the guilt that’s consuming me


I have been searching deep inside me

But it seems that I still can’t find the answer

If only I have enough courage

To say the words that can make me free


I know that words will never be enough to express my feelings

But I want to thank you for giving me a reason to live

For giving me another chance to love once again

And for giving me a chance to be myself again


Whatever disaster that may happen

Even if the odds stand in my way

I will always be there for you

Because you are my world




Every time I try to look back

My world suddenly turns black

Remembering the times I lived in vain

And the times I tried to stand once again


All my lost dreams seem to hunt me

In this world created by me

All I can do now is to run away

And to hide from the past that threw me away


In this world, nothing lasts forever

I cannot fool myself forever

I need to face my fears

And wipe up all of my tears


I need to stop running

I need to wake up

I need to face reality

Reality that once stabbed my personality



As I look upon my own reflection

Reflection that lost its own distinction

Distinction replaced by imitation

Imitation showing fake emotion


Emotion based on people’s preferences

Preferences that took my independence

Independence that received condolences

Condolences that led to my decadence


Decadence that revealed my mask

Mask that failed to do its own task

Task that had been thrown in a cask

Cask as good as a broken flask


Flask as empty as my identity

Identity that needs some sense of individuality

Individuality that doesn’t need to hide reality

Reality that’s ready to accept my personality