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Pain brought about by depression
Pain brought about by an illusion
Pain brought about by lack of caution
Pain brought about by my decision

Pain that seeps from deep inside
Pain that I must abide
Pain that has become my guide
Pain that has been a companion by my side

Pain that has been my friend
Pain that refused to blend
Pain that has taught me to rend
Pain that I must put to an end


Lost in the Darkness


As the night entangles the only thing that can be heard is the ticking of the clock. It’s already past 11 in the evening and Percy can’t seem to sleep. Something deep inside him is bothering him. A thing, no, maybe a person. He cannot determine what really bothers him. He spent some time thinking what is wrong with him until he eventually fall asleep.

Early morning he cannot seem to find a single person inside the house. He can’t even tell what his name is and where he came from. After leaving the bedroom the pictures hanging on the wall caught his attention. He then observed them closely and saw a picture of a family and their son looks exactly as him. He doesn’t know what’s going on. He then headed out of the house and he was shocked for there was no sign of any person living in the vicinity.

He continued searching, hoping that he may find a person that can answer all of his questions. As time passes by he then realized that the whole place is different, very different from his hometown. After running for some time he gave up searching and sat near a cliff.

Who am I? What am I supposed to do here?, he asks himself.

Then a sweet voice whispered in his ears saying,

Do you really wanna know?

He then turned back and saw nothing then an invisible force started to push him down the cliff.

By the time he fell, in a blink of an eye he then slowly recovers his memory. He remembered that his name is Percy Leithold, the only son of Elizabeth Leithold and Robert Leithold.

Percy heard birds singing, children laughing, people applauding and the heartbeat of his dear mother… But suddenly everything stopped. You can’t hear a thing until a gunshot destroyed the silence and there he lost everything, his family, his wealth, his fame and even his own identity.

After his fall, he then opened his eyes and found himself lying on his bed in their house. He then went to see how his family is but it seems that no one noticed him as if he had become a ghost. He then went to see the pictures hanging on the wall and he can still see the picture of a family but he was surprised, he cannot find his image anymore. Percy no longer exists, rather he doesn’t even exist.

The trauma of losing everything he had including his identity had locked him in his own prison, in his own consciousness lying, searching for a reason. Engulfed in darkness captivated by silence. A storyteller was born in a world without an audience. His mind wanders aimlessly in space. And his soul, his poor lost soul helplessly collects every shattered dream and achievement. The flame in his heart has long gone frozen. Numbness seeps through every part.  Dry tears, silent screams, come to life.