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Staring blankly into oblivion

Searching for a coherent reason

Slowly giving in to depression

Realizing my desperation


Counting raindrops while it is snowing

Smiling even though it is hurting

Fighting even though I am losing

Everyday my heart is dying


A world dyed in the image of you

Happiness that I want to pursue

Happiness that I want to share with you

Will I ever have the chance to be with you


My World


Staring at this blank space for a moment

Makes me wonder if I can ever free myself

Free from this prison that hides inside me

Free from the guilt that’s consuming me


I have been searching deep inside me

But it seems that I still can’t find the answer

If only I have enough courage

To say the words that can make me free


I know that words will never be enough to express my feelings

But I want to thank you for giving me a reason to live

For giving me another chance to love once again

And for giving me a chance to be myself again


Whatever disaster that may happen

Even if the odds stand in my way

I will always be there for you

Because you are my world