Staring blankly into oblivion

Searching for a coherent reason

Slowly giving in to depression

Realizing my desperation


Counting raindrops while it is snowing

Smiling even though it is hurting

Fighting even though I am losing

Everyday my heart is dying


A world dyed in the image of you

Happiness that I want to pursue

Happiness that I want to share with you

Will I ever have the chance to be with you

Halcyon Days


Being put inside a cell
Time being monitored by an annoying bell
People were forced to quell
Everyday was a living hell

Pressure that’s taking its toll
Symbols that I can never troll
Life that wants to take a stroll
When will I ever loll

Challenges meant to assess
People are trying hard to process
For the future that they are trying to access
One day they can call it their own success



Pain brought about by depression
Pain brought about by an illusion
Pain brought about by lack of caution
Pain brought about by my decision

Pain that seeps from deep inside
Pain that I must abide
Pain that has become my guide
Pain that has been a companion by my side

Pain that has been my friend
Pain that refused to blend
Pain that has taught me to rend
Pain that I must put to an end

Divorce- It’s not fun in the Philippines


“What God has joined together, no human being must separate them.”

Divorce is the ending of a valid marriage between a man and a woman returning both parties to single status with the ability to remarry while annulment cancels a marriage between a man and a woman. Annulling a marriage is as though it is completely erased – legally, it declares that the marriage never technically existed and was never valid, which we have here in the Philippines.

The issue of divorce has been a very long issue and many people are supporting it because it costs way too low than annulment. In my opinion, divorce should not be legalized here in the Philippines because it’s like marriage nowadays is being taken for granted, being a child play. When you’re tired playing with it, you throw it away and find a new one. One point that many people agrees about divorce is its shorter due process.

Do you marry a person just to live them? Can you take the pain of seeing your family being destroyed? How about your children? Just like I said a while ago, marriage is not a thing that you can be taken for granted. It’s as if divorce will only be a thing that’s normal to a person. We should definitely stop this.

Biotechnology- Leading towards the future


Almost everything around us is a product of science, most especially biotechnology. Biotechnology refers to the use of living organisms or their products to modify human health and the human environment.

The use of biotech has led to the advancement of different fields. In the field of medicine, the use of stem cells helped in the reduction of cell rejection in the body. This includes the use of a person’s umbilical cord to produce an organ which is needed by the person. Vaccines are also products of biotechnology, they weaken the strains of the pathogen and when injected into the body it makes the body immune to the diseases caused by the pathogen. In the field of agriculture, biotech can increase the yield of crops and at the same time make it resistant to some pests and weeds. Food can also be genetically modified which results to different types and variations of food. Biotechnology can make evolution faster by combining DNAs of two species that are not meant to be together by nature, thus making a new type of species.

I’m supporting biotechnology for it can solve many problems we encounter these days like diseases that can’t be cured and food scarcity. Understanding the nature of diseases and the creation of genetically modified foods to feed the ever growing world population. These are only some of the advantages of biotech and I believe that it can lead us to a better future.



Sakai was in an elevator with a strange girl with an eye patch covering her left eye and was holding a doll, it was already past midnight.

Sakai: What’re you doing here?

Mei: I’m going to visit my poor other half.

The elevator went down to the lowest floor where the morgue is found

Mei then went off the elevator and headed towards the dark hallway

Sakai: What’s your name?

Mei: Mei, Mei Misaki

The next day, it was the start of classes for Sakai in Misaki High. He was a transfer student from Tokyo.

Sakai finds that there’s something weird in his class, Class- C.

Karl: Feel free to ask any of us. By the way, I’m Karl, the president of this class.

Yukari: I’m Yukari, this class’s secretary. If you need some tour around, feel free to approach me.

Inaba: I’m Inaba, class representative. If you want to know something, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Sakai: Thank you very much.

Sakai looks at Mei

It was already dismissal when Sakai noticed that Mei is on the rooftop. Sakai then rushed up.

Sakai: A nice view in here.

Mei: Yes

Sakai: What’re you drawing?

Mei: An angel

Sakai: Why are you doing it here?

Mei: I hate being asked. It’s better if you stay away from me.

Sakai: Why?

Mei walks away

Sakai was new in town and he noticed a doll shop. He decided to go in.

Merchant: Feel free to look around, I have no other customers.

A doll caught the attention of Sakai

Sakai: This doll looks exactly like Mei.

Mei: What brings you here? Are you fond of dolls too?

Sakai: Wh-Who’s that?

Mei walks towards Sakai

Sakai: M-Mei? What’re you doing here?

Mei: Dolls are somewhat creepy but I like these kinds of stuff. How about you?

Sakai: I don’t dislike them. Were you the model for this doll?

Mei: Yes, half of it.

Sakai: Who’s the other half?

Merchant: It’s already closing time.

In Misaki High next day

Mei: You should really avoid being with me.

Sakai: Why?

Mei: Because I don’t exist. And maybe you’re the only one who can see me.

Sakai: Wh-What did you just say?

Yukari rushes out of the room with a pointy umbrella in her right hand and she was scared when she saw Mei. She then rushed to the other side of the hallway and she fell down the stairs with her umbrella but suddenly it opened up and pierced through her throat.

A teacher got a phone call that said that Yukari’s mother died too.

Mei: It has already started.

Sakai: What? What is it that already started?

Mei: There will be a person that will die every month that’s connected to our class. It can be a student, a family member or maybe a friend.

Sakai: I-I don’t get it. What’s with this useless curse?

The following day, Inaba’s sister also died when an elevator in a hospital snapped then eventually fell.

Sakai then decided to go to the doll shop again and hopes that Mei is there.

Mei: It’s nice to see you here.

Sakai: You too. You live here, right?

Mei: Yes, What brings you here today?

Sakai: I’m just here to look at the dolls.

Mei: You’ll not ask me some questions?

Sakai: You said that you hate to be asked.

Mei: I can make some exceptions for this day.

Sakai: What’s happening in our class? They’re not talking to me anymore.

Mei: So now you also don’t exist. Okay, I’ll start from the beginning. 10 years ago, there was a student named Rin Misaki. He was liked by all students and teachers because he excelled in sports and studies. But one day, he died in a plane crash and all were depressed. Until a student said that he’s alive and pointed to his desk. See? He’s there, he’s alive. Everyone believed in him and claimed that Rin is alive. The principal even allotted a seat for him during their graduation day. A year after that, there will be a person that will die every month that’s connected to our class. It can be a student, a family member or maybe a friend. The dead will come back and will slip into the class and the class will be short with one desk. The students devised a countermeasure to stop this phenomenon from happening by making a student non-existent to make room for the dead person.

Sakai: So, will two nonexistent persons make the countermeasure stronger?

Mei: Who knows? But it’s worth the sacrifice if it can stop this stupid curse. Do you want to see what’s under this patch?
Sakai was kind of nervous when Misaki started removing her patch
Mei: It’s a doll’s eye.
Sakai: It’s beautiful. Why are you hiding it?
Mei: It can see things that should not be seen so I hide it often.

The following day in Misaki High, Sakai and Mei saw a letter posted on the wall of their old school building. It said that “Bring the dead back to the dead.”

Sakai: I wonder what that means.

Mei: The dead person should be killed if we want to end this curse.

Sakai: H-how can we kill a classmate?

Sakai and Mei went back to their classroom and acted normally.

Sakai: Do you know who the dead person is?

Mei: I don’t know, I’m always wearing this patch so I can’t tell. They said that a dead person doesn’t know that he’s already dead.

Karl walked in front of the class

Karl: Tonight, we’ll have a camping near the old school building to commemorate our school’s humble beginnings.

Everyone agreed with the camping

Later that night, near the old school building

Sakai: You said that you’re the model of the doll in the doll shop. Who was the other half?

Mei: My twin sister, Misaki. She died before the start of classes.

Sakai: So she was the one whom you delivered a doll that day.

Mei: Yes, I promised to give it to her but that stupid curse killed her.

Sakai and Mei heard a loud noise. They then noticed that there was a large commotion going on.

Karl had stabbed another student with a knife

Karl: The dead shall be returned back to the dead. I will kill the dead person!

Everyone ran away from Karl but after that, the students started killing each other hoping that they might kill the dead person.

Sakai: I’ll protect you whatever happens.

Mei: The dead person is Karl. I can see the color of death in him.

Sakai stabbed Karl from the back

Days after that incident, only Sakai and Mei remembers Karl. Their normal lives continued and they ceased to exist once again.